United Yemen Company for Agricultural Services

Company profile:
United Yemen Company for Agricultural Services was established in 1990 to market and sell various agrochemicals, fertilizers, and other agricultural inputs. It is currently the local agent and distributor of many multinational companies in Yemen and Europe. Headquartered is in Sana'a , the company is comprised of a well established local and regional network of sales and distribution centers, as well as field demonstration and testing sites . In 1996, after eight years of success, United Yemen Company for Agricultural Services took a step towards further expansion by establishment many branches in the governorates of the Republic . In All our local distribution centers do the best to lead agricultural in Yemen towards professionalism and excellence, especially in fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, machinery agricultural and Improve agricultural output relying on technical support and marketing, which provided by European and international Companies in the field of fertilizers which is characterized by high-quality products and unique diversity and achieve this through an active , creative and motivated team . we are in this to bring about positive engagement with all local and international , we cooperate closely with a sincere wholesalers, and retailers in all regions of the Republic .


Company type(s):
Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer

Products / Services:
Vegetables: Fresh Onions, Fresh Patatoes, Vegetables


Export world part:
worldMiddle East


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Year of establishment:

Turn over:

>$ 100,000,000